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(AP) More For those wanting to see a second crack? Sorry Ross opted to stand on his time, whatever it ends up chalking up at, and not run a second 40, per NFL Network. Why should he? That was a walk-off home run. Johnson took notice, too. Chris Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28) March 4, 2017 Heres Johnson in 2008 vs. Ross in 2017 and it seems to suggest Ross came up just short of the record: Did Al Davis just roll over in his grave? Even if that time gets adjusted a bit once the official time is reported, we are talking about world-class speed here. As we await the official 40-yard dash time from John Ross, just a reminder @UW_Football @WatchJRoss pic.twitter.com/c47BWthi1S NFL Research (@NFLResearch) March 4, 2017 While the two assumed top receivers in the draft, Western Michigans Corey Davis and Clemsons Mike Williams, are skipping running the 40 for different reasons, Ross helped make himself some money on Saturday.

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The Trump administration defended the healthcare plan, which they say will have a second and third รองเท้าผู้หญิง phase that will entice consumers. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said at the White House that Trump's plan would cover more individuals at a lower cost and it was "virtually impossible" to envision that 14 million people would lose insurance coverage by next year. Democratic leaders in Congress said the bill could result in elderly people being kicked out of nursing homes as it simultaneously gives tax cuts for the richest Americans. "How can they look their constituents in the eye when they say 24 million of you no longer have coverage and those of you who do have it, will have less coverage at more cost to you," House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said. Trump himself made no comment on the report. PREMIUMS TO RISE The Affordable Care Act aimed to help restrain U.S. healthcare spending, which is about 17 percent of the nation's economy, but it has continued to grow faster than inflation. The proposal would end the Obamacare expansion of the Medicaid insurance program for the poor and would replace Obamacare's income-based subsidies with fixed tax credits for the purchase of private insurance. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center on Monday said the Republican plan would benefit the wealthiest U.S. households far more than middle-income families.

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